[Webinar Recording] AI Communication Tools and Chatbot Best Practices for Tour Operators

Webinar Timestamps
  • [0:00] Introductions and Agenda
  • [05:36] What does TOMIS stand for? 

  • [06:30] What does AI mean for Tour Operators

  • [11:08] Al Agent Tech Stack for Tour Operators

  • [15:10] How does the AI Agent work for Tour Operators?

  • [20:46] How AI can handle complex questions?

  • [29:50] Can't I just build a bot with ChatGPT? 

  • [31:20] Common Pitfalls

  • [33:41] How to choose an AI Software?

  • [36:29] How to make AI work for you?

  • [42:11] How does the TOMIS chatbot interact with Zaui Booking Software?

  • [43:46] Zaui Marketplace Overview

  • [44:58] How to Install TOMIS AI Tools

  • [46:10] How to reach out to Zaui and TOMIS

  • [46:43] TOMIS Chatbot Pricing

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We are very happy with Zaui. The technical support is outstanding and the flexibility to interface with other platforms makes expanding our sales channels quite easy. Also, the user interface on the back end is very friendly; it helps us organize our daily operations and allows us to manage high sales volumes with relatively few staff. Don Coggins, Copper Cayuse Outfitters
The Zaui team is always there to assist us with our simple questions to major system developments as our business evolves. Their API connections with partners are constantly growing and the Zaui Connect feature helps us keep on top of instant sales without Manual entry. Zaui has allowed our business to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Carolyn Bates, Grayline WestCoast Sightseeing